Iron Aprons Women’s Ministry

Iron Aprons Women’s Ministry

Iron Aprons Women’s Ministry Inc. is a faith based women’s mentoring ministry that is open to women of all denominational affiliations in the Columbus Indiana area. Iron Apron’s primary goal is to help today’s Christian* Women live victorious lives that not only honor our Heavenly Father, but also point others to Christ.

There are established weekly ‘supportive’ meetings held wherein attendees are offered a biblically based topical lesson for open study and discussion, such as:

  •             The Impact of Choices
  •             Family Dynamics Influences
  •             Trusting God

IAWM meetings are held each Monday and Tuesday at the IAWM Ministry Center, located at 1503 Cottage Avenue. There is a 7 p.m. evening meeting each Monday and a 10 a.m. morning meeting each Tuesday.

There is NO cost/charge for anyone to attend a meeting.

There are no formal memberships, only attendance.